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Tune Into Your February Vibe

Why no Ms.Tanner- it happens to be a wellspring of knowledge into our energy for the month. That and it's a hell of a lot more accurate than my childhood magic eye ball so here goes nothing!


Dear Aquarius, who you are growing into and becoming requires deep self reflection and honesty with your past. Open up to new variations of stories you’ve known and shared with loved ones.


There is a tangible storm brewing within you, your desire to look within and the need to externalize is quite vocal this month. Take the time and process your thoughts and feelings, it will be worth the effort. Pay attention to others’ true colors, be in the moment.


You are going through what we like to call a shift- it feels crucial for you to be authentically yourself, especially when it comes to decision making and social connections. Take the time and visualize how you want your future to look and manifest!


Inhale, exhale- you are shedding old layers. I know, the pressure is on because life doesn’t stop, but remember that change doesn’t have to resemble a dramatic shift. It can begin gradually for it to mean something. Be light and think strategically. You got this!


Close your eyes, repeat after me; “I have what it takes to reconcile, heal from and even forgive those who have hurt me.” How does your body feel when you say this? Start to notice where your resistance lies and truly reflect if holding on is doing you good or more harm.


The people who you connect with are going through changes. You are transforming and growing and well, growing pains are real and not just by name. Give yourself the space to mourn these relationships and people, use the experience as a creative outlet, feel what you need to feel to heal.


This time is quite significant for your career, public image and relationships. Take this as an opportunity to step away from processing and create some distance from your introspection. When you see a bigger picture, you can have a more holistic perspective to your current circumstances to move forward.


Hold yourself accountable, Virgo- I know you want to experience new places and feelings but right now, you need to cross off your overdue to-do list. Don’t feel burdensome, because others want to help you achieve your goals! Let them. Focus on completion.


When making decisions this month, be grounded in reality and tap into your logic! I know you have an innate desire to switch things up on how you make. But before doing so, make sure you speak to the right people, hire a professional even. Plan plan plan ahead!


This month will bring up some wounds surrounding your family and relationships but do not fret. Here’s your opportunity to heal and gain peace and closure on the past. Whatever happens, be an active participant and be present in the moment.


The energy of this month will likely be busy and chaotic while I know you’re also craving a slower day-to-day rhythm. Look at this as a chance to find a balance and create a regimented schedule for yourself. Make sure it is something you can stick to!


You are at odds, Capricorn. Your need for stability is in conflict with your desire for spontaneity. You’re open for dynamic change which is to be applauded. However, impulsivity in decision making can have huge ramifications. Indulge a little, but be sure to sit with things first!

Sending love and blessings from your vibe queen and social media guru,

Hannah (@sitwithsnit)

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