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Top Social Trends of 2020

I think everyone can agree 2020 was the year that we were all not expecting.

TBT to the roaring 20's of the Gatsby era, this was more like roaring at my mother in the kitchen who was interrupting my zoom meeting (while I lay on the sofa in my oversized PJS and disguised by a black blazer)

Being so connected -digitally- with nothing else to do, there were trends that HIT (for like 24 hours..sometimes more) or cool until we saw our parents trying to copy it on Tiktok.

We did loads of research and put together a list of 2021 social media trend predictions to make your life as a social media manager, content creator or someone who just likes this shit, much much easier. (You're welcome.)

But before we get to the good stuff let's round off our favorite trends of 2020.

  1. I think we need to start with that time when all our parents and their dogs were on Tiktok.

Does this give anyone else anxiety?

2. Influencers and their skin care routines..(Guilty, of buying a Gua Sha during quarantine. Hey, click this link for a good one. I promise I used it once and my skin felt oily as shit after.)

3. ZOOM. Mic-drop.

4. Subscribing to an online workout and *attempting* to meditate while imagining the tub of ice cream waiting for me in my refrigerator.

5. Staying up to date on all the Netflix shows to be relevant on Social Media. Here's a quick list:

-Tiger King

-Love is blind

-Queens Gambit

-The Social Dilemma (creepy.....)

6. PODCASTS and trying to find the time to listen to every single one of those influencers you follow that that think they can start one and share so much valuable information with us. Ugh, the audacity!

That's all for now! Comment your favorite trend and share with us some of the weird ones you saw during 2020. Keep an eye out for our predictions of 2021 (even though IDK, don't hold us to it.)

See you after Christmas and after I watch The Holiday like five times,

Flo From Onbrand Media. (Progressive got some competition these days)

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