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The Story Behind Onbrand

I've never been one to write about myself. My whole life I hid behind my favorite novels and computer, writing away fantasies, essays, email marketing pitches, and everything else in between. From blogging about marketing tips, the best soup for your next catering party, and drafting emails for the next best all-natural skincare business, you've definitely seen ads for somewhere on your Instagram.

But, now it's time I write my story. ONBRAND's story.

It's really hard to find something that you love and something that you're good at. (That being said, I work my ass off day and night to make sure I am good at it.)

You know those times they say, "it just fell into my lap"... For me, starting Onbrand, that is def the case.

I was always a creative, passionate spirit roaming around the enclosed walls of my private Yeshivah based in Brooklyn, New York; I took every chance I could to travel. I explored, I savored the meeting places between sea and sea. The empty streets of a new town I couldn't wait to make my mark on. I was absorbed in the moment, in the times with friends and happy hours 24/7 on those white sandy beaches and cobblestone streets in New York City, a city so close to me, yet held so much possibility.

I was at a point in my life where I turned social media into an enemy. Until I was 20, I deleted my Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. I wanted to be in the moment. It wasn't until I returned from my gap year in Israel that I got back social media. I didn't realize what I missed until those nights back in my room, depressed, looking at everyone's Instagram to "catch up" on it all. Suddenly, I stopped myself and thought: how could I miss things that I wasn't involved in, that I was just scrolling through…

Internships, influencer marketing agencies, branding companies, social media management jobs, and a jewelry sales associate later, I decided to start my own activewear collective. I had a desire burning inside of me to create something...but what? And with my love for fitness and NYC's boutiques, I thought that was the perfect fit.

What they don't tell you about retail (or instead they do but you're too hyped on the concept) is that RETAIL IS HARD.

I noticed how much I loved developing my brand Sweat With Flo, the selling wasn't important to me. I enjoyed managing the Instagram, creating fashion campaigns, curating pop ups, gifting influencers, and updating my site every day. And I was LOVING it.

One thing led to another. On a Monday morning in September 2018, I woke up to calls from five of my friends and friends of friends asking me to help them with their new logo, with an Instagram post, or update a site. Asking how did I get this yoga teacher to come to my Soho pop up, and how I compiled an email list in just a few months.

A flash of adrenaline flooded through my body; I couldn't wait. I canceled my store hours for the day and worked with these small businesses to help build their companies. To help build their brands.

I realized that my passion lay with building communities, helping small businesses reach their full potential. I called up a graphic designer whose graphics I had an instacrush on, and we started to work together. I would manage the clients and strategy, she would handle the graphics. (shoutout to @doingyouu..)

30+ clients, 10+ websites, and 100's of calls later, here I am. Sharing my story.

I thought when pivoting from Sweat With Flo, everyone would judge me; I felt like I failed. But that failure led me to my mission. To grow a community of like-minded people, all looking to be authentic in a space that's flooded with different influencers saying what face serum to buy. A world where you mention a brand and get hit with an advertisement two minutes later.

Each day I speak with a new business or meet with a new entrepreneur working their ass off, and killing it is the highlight of my day. Creating, growing, and building with everyone I work with and collaborate with is what makes my job so special.

This is only the beginning of Onbrand. With everything that's going on in the world, the only thing that matters is loving what you do and finding meaning out of it. Think about how much time we spend focusing on our jobs, finances, and stressing about it all. The way to fix it all is to grow your business in line with your values globally, remember why you started and create the most remarkable thing in the world. Find that light inside you that makes you who you are, and make your mark in this world.

Instant gratification doesn't exist. Rome was not built overnight.

Behind every successful company is 10 years of HARD work. And my mission is that Onbrand will be behind all the big ones you didn't see coming.

What's yours?

With love,



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