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So you want to say you want to stay "with it" when it comes to your Instagram game? But the algorithm seems a bit too pesty to manage, doesn't it?

Let us ease your worries and debunk any myth surrounding the all-encompassing Instagram algorithm. According to Instagram, their algorithm has six sweet spots for starters, so to speak, specifically for feed posts.

For educational purposes and my own amusement, let's call the algorithm Al. Al cares to see what your interests are, so he will be stalking. Whatever Al thinks you'll "like" will appear on your feed. Al goes out of his way to combine all your Instagram behaviors, the accounts you interact with the most, the people in your tagged photos, and the types of posts you like and comment on. Basically, he is a stage five clinger, and that is how Al is wired. So, it's essential to be consistent with your Instagram habits to get on Al's good side. Although it's not listed as a critical engagement indicator (for now), we suggest optimizing your content for saves. Since Instagram trials hiding likes in more countries, damn, Al your tribe is sneaky!

Now, what type of guy would Al be if he wasn't invested in your relationships, your people. He will prioritize posts from your friends, family, and accounts that you care about, based on how you use the app, of course. Don't be surprised if Al tries to calculate your interest in each of these relationships as soon as you follow someone new. He may even try serving you their content to monitor how you engage with them; he's kind of the jealous type. I know; we're rolling our eyes too.

Like any guy who has his eye on the prize, our buddy Al will care about when you post. He means well, really. He just always wants to serve you the latest, most exciting posts. I've tried telling him not to be a people pleaser but Al just cannot be swayed. To outsmart him a bit, we suggest finding your personalized best time to post so that you can rock Al's behavior, just a little bit.

No two Instagram users are the same. Some live to scroll the feed until the wee hours of the night, and others hardly interact with the app. But don't worry, Al has a way for all audiences. If you're a more frequent scroller, your feed will look more chronological, and if you check less, he will do it based on your likes. Either way, he aims to please!

Alas, there are still so many of Al's moves we have yet to uncover. So sit tight while we continue our journey with Insta Al and keeping you and your business On Brand.


Your Girl, Hannah


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