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Why no Ms.Tanner- it happens to be a wellspring of knowledge into our energy for the month. That and it's a hell of a lot more accurate than my childhood magic eye ball so here goes nothing!


Dear Aquarius, who you are growing into and becoming requires deep self reflection and honesty with your past. Open up to new variations of stories you’ve known and shared with loved ones.


There is a tangible storm brewing within you, your desire to look within and the need to externalize is quite vocal this month. Take the time and process your thoughts and feelings, it will be worth the effort. Pay attention to others’ true colors, be in the moment.


You are going through what we like to call a shift- it feels crucial for you to be authentically yourself, especially when it comes to decision making and social connections. Take the time and visualize how you want your future to look and manifest!


Inhale, exhale- you are shedding old layers. I know, the pressure is on because life doesn’t stop, but remember that change doesn’t have to resemble a dramatic shift. It can begin gradually for it to mean something. Be light and think strategically. You got this!


Close your eyes, repeat after me; “I have what it takes to reconcile, heal from and even forgive those who have hurt me.” How does your body feel when you say this? Start to notice where your resistance lies and truly reflect if holding on is doing you good or more harm.


The people who you connect with are going through changes. You are transforming and growing and well, growing pains are real and not just by name. Give yourself the space to mourn these relationships and people, use the experience as a creative outlet, feel what you need to feel to heal.


This time is quite significant for your career, public image and relationships. Take this as an opportunity to step away from processing and create some distance from your introspection. When you see a bigger picture, you can have a more holistic perspective to your current circumstances to move forward.


Hold yourself accountable, Virgo- I know you want to experience new places and feelings but right now, you need to cross off your overdue to-do list. Don’t feel burdensome, because others want to help you achieve your goals! Let them. Focus on completion.


When making decisions this month, be grounded in reality and tap into your logic! I know you have an innate desire to switch things up on how you make. But before doing so, make sure you speak to the right people, hire a professional even. Plan plan plan ahead!


This month will bring up some wounds surrounding your family and relationships but do not fret. Here’s your opportunity to heal and gain peace and closure on the past. Whatever happens, be an active participant and be present in the moment.


The energy of this month will likely be busy and chaotic while I know you’re also craving a slower day-to-day rhythm. Look at this as a chance to find a balance and create a regimented schedule for yourself. Make sure it is something you can stick to!


You are at odds, Capricorn. Your need for stability is in conflict with your desire for spontaneity. You’re open for dynamic change which is to be applauded. However, impulsivity in decision making can have huge ramifications. Indulge a little, but be sure to sit with things first!

Sending love and blessings from your vibe queen and social media guru,

Hannah (@sitwithsnit)

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So you want to say you want to stay "with it" when it comes to your Instagram game? But the algorithm seems a bit too pesty to manage, doesn't it?

Let us ease your worries and debunk any myth surrounding the all-encompassing Instagram algorithm. According to Instagram, their algorithm has six sweet spots for starters, so to speak, specifically for feed posts.

For educational purposes and my own amusement, let's call the algorithm Al. Al cares to see what your interests are, so he will be stalking. Whatever Al thinks you'll "like" will appear on your feed. Al goes out of his way to combine all your Instagram behaviors, the accounts you interact with the most, the people in your tagged photos, and the types of posts you like and comment on. Basically, he is a stage five clinger, and that is how Al is wired. So, it's essential to be consistent with your Instagram habits to get on Al's good side. Although it's not listed as a critical engagement indicator (for now), we suggest optimizing your content for saves. Since Instagram trials hiding likes in more countries, damn, Al your tribe is sneaky!

Now, what type of guy would Al be if he wasn't invested in your relationships, your people. He will prioritize posts from your friends, family, and accounts that you care about, based on how you use the app, of course. Don't be surprised if Al tries to calculate your interest in each of these relationships as soon as you follow someone new. He may even try serving you their content to monitor how you engage with them; he's kind of the jealous type. I know; we're rolling our eyes too.

Like any guy who has his eye on the prize, our buddy Al will care about when you post. He means well, really. He just always wants to serve you the latest, most exciting posts. I've tried telling him not to be a people pleaser but Al just cannot be swayed. To outsmart him a bit, we suggest finding your personalized best time to post so that you can rock Al's behavior, just a little bit.

No two Instagram users are the same. Some live to scroll the feed until the wee hours of the night, and others hardly interact with the app. But don't worry, Al has a way for all audiences. If you're a more frequent scroller, your feed will look more chronological, and if you check less, he will do it based on your likes. Either way, he aims to please!

Alas, there are still so many of Al's moves we have yet to uncover. So sit tight while we continue our journey with Insta Al and keeping you and your business On Brand.


Your Girl, Hannah


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With 2020 fresh behind us and a pile of uncertainties before us, let’s find some stable ground in what’s written in the stars for us this month of January!

Aries: This is your year to thrive, Aries! And we don’t just mean it on a personal level, we mean it on all levels. You love being a part of whatever is new and next and let’s face it; 2021 is sure to bring new emerging ideas and industries to the forefront of your mind. The question of who you are and where you belong continues to linger. Do not try to feel this void with the prospects of these new ventures. Let this new month bring you the clarity you need to break down the walls you’ve built that enable you from feeling like you belong.

Taurus: Looking to reinvent yourself or embark on a new path? This is the time to explore a transition in your life. But, along with your ambition must also come with some self love. Find your balance- embrace how you need to pace yourself as necessary for your health as is in being productive. Focus this month on not equating your worth to your productivity. Keep the ones that mean most to you close and make time for them in your growing schedule; literally, block out the time!

Gemini: Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a year of “structured expansion”, Gemini and yes, we are aware of the oxymoron. Take the time you need and are given this month to quiet down and reflect on your past. Does it still affect you in the present? Do you feel the need for new stories to tell yourself to build yourself up? January will be about stillness for you and perhaps a bit of uncertainty. We know that discomfort is gruesome but be sure not to fall into old habits of “instant intimacy”- it never replies to time-tested trust. Lean on those who have been there for you along the ride and find comfort in letting go of any pressure to have it all sorted out- it’s okay to sit with uncertainty.

Cancer: 2020 was all about balancing your relationships; up-rooting the ones that no longer served you to allow the rest to flourish much deeper in 2021. Aren’t you glad you rolled up your sleeves then, because this year has a big emphasis on merging your superpowers with a select few- all while welcoming some awesome newcomers to your crew. In order to do so, be sure to take the time needed to grieve any lost friendships, community spaces, social experiences you may have lost this past year. In order to build, you must first heal. In doing so, you will connect with new friendships and experiences, reigniting your joie de vivre.

Leo: This is for sure the year to be a Leo. You are at your best when you’re “among the people,” after all. 2020 was isolating for many Leos alike, full of hard work and a rabbit hole of issues spanning to a health issue or five. But this year, you can lean on your most supportive soul-family and balance your relationships. Beauty, meaningful vibes and deep convos?! Yes, please! Sign a leo up! But, be sure to be in check with who you are surrounding yourself with; whether it’s in the workplace or in your personal spheres, it is time to seriously reconsider who you want to become and with whom you want by your side. The connections you wish to nurture this year become even more critical. Yeesh- no pressure.

Virgo: 2020 was a colorful year for you Virgos out there. Now you’re ready for a bit more regimen and routine in your step. But before doing so, take a deep look within and notice how sometimes, our bodies carry the score from our past. To lighten that load, it may be wise to change or add to your routine. Well, we’re here to bring you some good news: 2021 puts you in an oh-so Virgo rhythm, having you hoan in on restoring order and wellness back into your midsts. Now don’t you fret, you will still have plenty of adventures to keep you on your toes but now Virgo, you’ll be able to support your revolutionary ideas with solid plans of action.

Libra: Cue the spotlight; after a homebound 2020 that puts you well in touch with your emotions, you are ready for a year of expression Libra. So here it comes! Those deep roots you planted will keep you just so grounded enough to handle the awe striking moments that this year of 2021 has in store for you. Take January as a time to enjoy a well-deserved passion project that allows you to nerd out. Let that inner nerd shine! Any structured enjoyment will do you some good fair Libra, and will help you cope with the losses you may have experienced in the past couple of months. Don’t downplay them, pretty please.

Scorpio: In need of some rejuvenation, Scorpio? Well, get ready, because you’re going to have it! Your 2020 was a whirlwind despite the pandemic, of meetings, picots and endless teams of details to oversee. Talk about racking up points as a multi-tasker (now accepting endorsements of such qualities on my LinkedIn.) You did it and still managed to smile through (go you!) but you are ready for a much-deserved break to put it gently. You’re ready to let go of the reins, and settle down a bit, get to know others and yourself more. In particular, your family-of-origin and roots are emphasized during this time. You can take a step back and understand how your past has brought you to your present and your inner child informs your adult behaviors. What do you want to change? What is no longer serving you. You get to decide the dynamics of your interactions with yourself and with other people now that you have raised light to them.

Sagittarius: The small moments add up to a bigger picture; how you live your days is how you live your life. Take this to heart our little archer. If you’re feeling any dissatisfaction with where your bigger picture is heading, turn your attention to the details instead. Break it down into your daily motions, notice them with mindfulness and thought. Perhaps your regimens are in need of a makeover and the antidote to this art of discipline is structure (cringeworthy, we know). Sure, there may be a learning curve when it comes to embracing a new routine but you may just be surprised at how much you will see the new “do”!

Capricorn: 2020 was all about paving the way for a new you. Take the time and energy to creatively manage your resources so that your joy is not solely reliant on monetary value. This is a whole new shift of self-discovery for you, Capricorn, we’d even call it a self-discovery 2.0! This is a time to reinvent yourself and your ways. Your 2021 mission: take the fresh-start energy and build it into something tangible. Get ready and shine bright; the stars are out and ready to guide you!

Aquarius: Welcome to the Aquarian decade- you’re the star of the show! Big things are shifting for you, specifically in relation to how you experience yourself growing. You’re in the process of reinventing yourself, so you may encounter hurdles and bumps that come with the territory of shedding old ways. You can feel the growing pains mostly from your family but quite possibly also from your past itself. It’s a good time to reflect and contemplate on who you used to be, what was serving you that no longer is and who you want to emerge from that discovery. It’s time to move forward, Aquarius and we are here for it and you!

Pisces: Oh dear Pisces, you are wrapping up one long chapter of your life while simultaneously starting an exciting new one. You are the queen of balancing two extraordinary challenging experiences at once with ease. This month will test you to get comfortable with the discomfort that may be coming to the surface from your past. It may be challenging to express yourself and you may even find yourself attuned to how language limits interpretation. You’ve felt the burn of this realization given the changes of being misunderstood happen much too often. Take this time as an opportunity to take a step back and reflect- notice with curiosity and without judgement.


Your Girl, Hannah Snitcovski


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